Homeward bound

From Sheep Mountain,  the next morning, we travel back to Tok with a detour to Chicken because Bill was not going to say “we made it all the way through Alaska without proof that he had conquered the top of the world highway and visited downtown Chicken.”  Calculate $300.00 for a tee shirt! By the time you figure in gas and meal!  Nuts…. We are categorically nuts, but we did it anyway, and one day we will even laugh about it.  This 140 mile side trip would never have happened had I checked out the gift shop or saloon in Chicken before leaving the first time, If only I were a shopper.  ARRRRRR.

Even the can at Chicken has humor.

It is Monday July 23, in Tok, Alaska. We found the municipal campground that we had passed up the first time, which was deserted by the time we returned from Chicken that evening. The place was screaming with starving mosquitos! Since it was too late to look for another camp we just locked ourselves in, dosed ourselves with repellant and made the best of it.

Lately, the mile markers were becoming more and more difficult to read.  After calculating the amount of time before we might make it back home, it was clear that I was due for a treatment.  Too bad I hadn’t thought of this a day or so sooner, but we were on a mission now to get home.  I must say, the one positive factor Tok had to offer was cell service.  Otherwise we would not have stopped there.

On Tuesday the 24th, after talking with family, and my own doctor, we were able to negotiate an appointment with a specialist in Anchorage on Thursday the 26th, which was an amazing feat in itself. Imagine in all of Alaska, Anchorage is the only retinal center! I can see why bush pilots flourish here.

Through all this drama, Bill has been very supportive. So, we pack up and head back to Anchorage again over the dreaded Tok Junction and Glenn Highways where 50 kmph is the maximum speed one can manage on the unpaved, bumpy, gravel, frost heaved, sorry two lane road. 7 hours and over 300 miles later, not your average Sunday afternoon “let’s take a drive, honey” activity, we found a spot at the local Anchorage municipal park which seemed a better choice than staying 2 nights at the RV park alternative, listed in the milepost as a gravel campsite parking lot of 200+ spaces, just walking distance from Costo, Walmart and the railroad tracks.

Everyone who knows me knows how much I hate to shop but hardware stores and now RV supplies stores are a different story.  Since we had a whole day to kill, we timed the drive to the Doctors office then found the one RV supply store in town and spent a few hours there sharing horror stories and joking about them and comparing our various mishaps. Ours seemed to be right in line with other RV’ers.

The appointment and treatment went without a hitch and we hit the road immediately thereafter.

In the Matanuska Valley a farming community, where people from Anchorage come for fresh produce about 42 miles east of Anchorage is Palmer.  This is moose and Caribou country but we still have not spotted any. Wildlife spotting in Alaska? Ha! We have only seen the pictures. We found at a sweet little campground called Matanuska Park, a combination, day camp, sports field, RV park, that shared acres of freshly mowed lawn with the cemetery next door. Sounds morbid but it was really quaint. Actually, it was a nice way to leave Anchorage, this time for good.

The road didn’t get any easier and three days of back-to-back serious road hauling, it was rough, I was feeling pretty stupid and guilty and Bill began showing signs of stress. This time however, we pass up Tok and spend the night at the first RV stop past the Canadian Border called Beaver Creek.  It was a dusty hard road back but we made it.

Fortunately I made reservations the next night a Saturday, at Mountain High RV Park in Whitehorse, Canada, the same place where we had stayed for almost a week waiting for the “Murphy RV” to be repaired.  It is high season in Alaska/Canada now and reservations are necessary.  We had a nice meal at the Klondike BBQ and Salmon Joint and I ordered a big fresh spinach salad and Halibut Chowder – followers can’t possibly care about this trivia, but remember all this journaling is new to me and helps me remember the details.

something hiding in the weeds

Sunday morning we are headed toward Watson Lake, where I was able to catch up on previous weeks notes utilizing the 12v inverter gadget for my computer. Once we have wifi again, hopefully I can just plug some photos in and send off another post or two.  We’ll see.