June 12, 2012

It is 9:50 at Fairmont Hot Springs resort, BC and the daylight is just dimming.  The Rocky Mountains are our back yard.  This is a pretty swanky resort that offers a variety of RV campsites as well.  The prices vary according to  site conditions that we didn’t realize while making reservations. Some sites have cement pads, grass, water, electric hook ups and pardon the expression, dump stations.  Ours, a few notches below had no grass, we do have water but had to try 3 different sites before finding one with the proper, I should say any electricity.  Call it rustic!  Many of the campsites are full but we are pretty much alone on this gravel hill, I guess the locals can’t put up with the inconvenience but we love it.  This was going to be a sleep over spot but fortunately we stayed another day because we couldn’t get reservations to enter Banff until tomorrow.

Hot springs run off at Fairmont Hot Springs resort

After returning to the registration kiosk 3 times to change sites, we asked the clerk about the mosquitos.  He said “Oh, it’s too cold for mosquitos here”,  wrong!!!! Today was warm, actually hot in the sun and we must have tasted like salted caramel,  “Skin so soft” ha, tomorrow pure deet, “fool us once….” These guys just loved us, the Miner’s, the welted two-some must have been the first meal of the season.

The day was spectacular, the air crisp and clean, every shade of green imaginable.  We took a few km walk/hike along clearly marked trails.  I found myself taking pictures of bugs and weeds as well as waterfalls and springs.

even bugs look good here

Bill is anxious to get to Banff and considers it to be our first real destination.  While the scenery in Canada is really breath taking, driving is a little tedious, and I am glad our travel time stays within 4-5 hours.  At least we can hike or walk the day after a long car ride.

weeds or wild flowers?